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Focus on your Business while we Bring you all the clients you need!

  • NO Expensive Bots, Plugins, Web Solutions
  • NO Complex Configuration and maintenance
  • NO Headaches of Proxies, VPNs & Captcha Solving
  • NO need to get 3rd Party Email Validation Tool
  • NO time wasted in Cleaning email lists
  • Why Choose our email scraping service?

  • Professional team, tools and resources at your disposal
  • Get laser targeted email leads based on your 'Keywords'
  • Scale your campaigns easily, upto 10-20K emails a day
  • Build a multi-million sales powerhouse using our service


Most commonly asked questions

How do you scrape emails?

We use our own proprietary email scraping bot along with other tools be able to scrape taregted emails at scale.

How do you scrape 'targeted emails'?

We mostly use 'Targeted Keywords' defining your Target Audience, Location, Profile, Habits and combining them to only laser targeted email lists.

Can you scrape 'private/hidden' emails?

NO. We only scrape publicly visible emails which is limited 'Email's that are shared on profiles, Bios, Contact Forms, Forums, Discussion borads & Comments section. We DONOT provide emails that have been used in registratio or hidden within a particular account.

What type of 'emails' can you scrape?

We can scrape both, free email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud etc and Business emails such

How can I verify that the email lists you provided are targeted based on my requirement?

Since most emails are scraped from publicly available data, you can easily validate by randomly choosing a few emails and finding them on Google and then reviewing whether the source of that email is matching your Scraping criteria or not.

How much increase in sales can I experience

That depends on you! If you've a great product and you use this service to reach large audiences directly - you can make anywhere between a few thousands dollars to a few million.

Do you offer refunds

No, for this particular service we DONOT offer any form of refund. We encourage you to purchase the smallest package to test our service only then purchase a larger package.

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